How To Train Your Dog To Be A Movie Star

Make your own dog a shining star!

Have you ever wanted your dog to be…a Hollywood canine film star? Or have you just wanted to teach your dog some fun tricks? Well, now is your opportunity to reach for your wildest dreams! Our “Canine Acting School” is an all-inclusive program for dogs of ANY age and breed to begin pursuing their career in animal acting. This program is made to get you and your pup started with learning essentials skills that will be required by the film industry and productions. In this class, you will learn tricks and skills of the train necessary to having your dog featured in films, commercials, music videos and / or other forms of advertisement. 

(Video description: our dog Renegade in his first music video for Music Club Kids. Click To Play!)

Our trainer Cassie Kennedy has work experience on a a variety of different sets with her own personal dogs, an her dogs have been featured in Lionsgate, Hallmark and YouTube films. She understands the diverse and demanding needs of what is required of a dog on a movie and / or commercial set. Cassie has also performed in numerous live shows with her dogs throughout the United States. She is trainer to Beck the Malinois, star of “R.A.D.A.R. The Adventures Of The Bionic Dog” as well as Ren the Border Collie who plays “Barkley” in Music Club Kids! The most important things for any dog to know prior to going on a set for the first time include basic obedience skills like sit, down and stay. Dogs should also be well socialized to people and other animals that could possibly be on set. Additionally, your dog should also know tricks and behaviors such as going to a mark on cue, barking on command, coming when called, and possibly other tricks including digging, scratching, growling on cue, etc.

(Video description: our dog Beck was featured in “R.A.D.A.R. The Adventures of The Bionic Dog”)

Atlas the Golden Retriever has been featured in numerous commercials such as advertisements for Bayside Sod, Home Shopping Network, BayFirst Bank, John Deere Tractors, Beneva Insurance Company and also plays the role of “Woody” in Hallmark special entitled “Moonlight Bay” (which will be released this upcoming summer)..  Once you are finished with this class, you will not only know the tricks of the trade and important skills for set, but your dog will also know some of the most common behaviors that are needed to be featured on the big screen. An AKC Trick Dog Test will be administered to your dog following the completion of our canine acting and tricks workshop.

(Video description: Attie’s first ever commercial he filmed at just nine months old)

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