Day Care Training

Send Your Pup On A Field Trip For The Day!

Feeling guilty about leaving your pup at home while you are away at work? Want your pup to receive training and engagement without the stress of being separated for as long as traditional Board & Train? Well, then our new DAY TRAIN program may be perfect for you! Drop off your pup between 9 – 10am and pick up before 6pm. Your dog will receive two training sessions, one public outing and a one-on-one play session. Interested in getting started or learning more information on availability? Text us at 813-391-0970 or email us today at We are currently accepting new Day Care Training clients during the week Monday through Saturday. Dogs must be vaccinated and up-to-date to join the fun. Additional $10 boarding fee will be charged for pick-ups after 6:00pm.  Please bring two meals for your dog, treats if you would like, a bowl for water and a leash no longer than six feet. Your trainer may suggest a particular tool for training your pup in our day train program, but tool cost will NOT be covered and you will not be sent home with these training tools.


You may apply to enroll your pup in our Day Train Program by filling out the form below.


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