Agility Classes

Try “Dog Agility”!

Does your dog love to run, jump, climb, balance and zig zag? Then our agility class may be for you if you have a high energy pup who hasn’t stopped running circles around you! Not only is the sport a fun way to bond with your dog, it’s also a great confidence booster for them! Whether your dog is motivated by treats or toys, they will have so much fun learning the different courses and obstacles such as the jumps, tunnel, mini dog walk, a-frame, tire jump, mini dog walk, teeter totter and weave poles in our beginner agility class. Our agility classes will also be covering patterns such as the jump grid, pinwheel, serpentine, and treadle. We also will be working on teaching a two on / two off contact behavior.  by filling out this form and completing payment. We offer group agility training lessons as well as private agility lessons.

You can learn more about the AKC Sport of Dog Agility by clicking here.

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