AKC Urban CGC Titling

From The American Kennel Club website…

“Another step beyond the basic CGC test is the AKC Urban CGC title, which tests your CGC skills in an active city or town setting. There are 10-steps to the test that your dog must pass to earn the official AKC Urban CGC title, but it is administered in a place where there are cars, streets to be crossed, noises, and fast-paced distractions.”

Typically, our Advanced and Urban Canine Good Citizen Evaluations are held at Hyde Park Village in Tampa.

I am an AKC-approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator and available to test both AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen (Community Canine) and AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen (Public Access Test equivalent).These are great training prerequisites for both Service Dogs in Training and Therapy Dogs in Training! If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule your evaluation, please feel free to contact us online or text Cassie at 813-391-0970.