AKC Trick Dog Titling

From the American Kennel Club website…

“Trick dog training is a great way to provide your dog with physical and mental exercise. Going beyond the skills in your CGC training, you and your dog will learn how to high five, or try more advanced tricks, like training your pup to jump into your arms. For someone brand new to dog training, trick dog training might seem like a big leap, but your CGC training provides a great foundation for you and your dog to begin with easy tricks and progress to more challenging activities together. By earning the CGC title first, you only have to perform 5 tricks from the Novice checklist to earn an AKC Novice Trick Dog title, commonly called “CGC + 5.”

I am also an AKC approved Trick Dog Evaluator. Contact us today or text Cassie at 813-391-0970 to set up your pup’s Trick Dog evaluation! 

Check out some of our previous Trick Dog Class graduates!