Toss & Fetch League

What is “Toss And Fetch” League?

Toss & Fetch League is the game of fetch made into an exciting sport where you can earn points and compete with your local team against other teams on a worldwide level! We will be meeting for Spring Toss and Fetch League for five weeks on Sunday afternoons at at our home-based training field to play the game. Your first dog is $15, and $10 per additional dog. All you need is a dog and a disc to play! If you do plan on attending, please bring your own discs / dog fill out the form below to register online.

How To Join SPRING TOSS AND FETCH LEAGUE with Tampa Bay Toss & Fetch!

Tentative dates and times that we will be meeting over the next 5 weeks are:

April 21st @ 4:00pm

April 28th @ 4:00pm

May 5th @ 4:00pm

May 12th @ 4:00pm

May 19th @ 4:00pm

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