Stoke The Fire CGC HDJ DM DDSE DSA TKA “Stoke”


Meet Stoke! He is an eleven year old male Black Tricolor Border Collie. Stoke loves to compete in dock diving and flying disc, and enjoys training to be a stunt dog in The Ohana Dog Show. He is also a former competitive agility and rally dog. Stoke has performed at baseball games for the Tampa Tarpons “Bark In The Park” and the Clearwater Threshers’ “Dog Days Of Summer”, and has also performed at several other events and festivals. 

At the age of ten years old, Stoke was invited to compete in the Ultimate Air Dogs National Championships and placed Fourth in the SuperVeteran division of Distance Jumping in Dock Diving, He loves making new friends, both human and canine alike, and he is probably the most outgoing Border Collie you will ever have the honor to meet. Next year, Stoke will be retired from sports to focus on living out his golden years as a therapy dog, and retired sport and very well-loved sport dog.

He is currently available for live performances and shows, and also one of our available canine actors and dog models. For more information regarding Stoke and pricing, please contact us.