Faithful Fathom CGC


Meet Fathom! Faithful Fathom was the first dog I ever competed with. I got him when I was only eight years old and he was my childhood best friend and *my* first dog. We grew up together, competed in many agility trials, and he taught me a lot about training “untrainable” dogs. He was easily distracted, hard to motivate, and overall just a goober. But I didn’t give up on him and we went on to receive a few awards in agility and even tried competing in dock diving (which he loved, because he loved swimming)! He would just jump into the pool without a toy because he loved swimming so much. That was definitely his favorite sport.

In the later years of his life, Fathom went on to become the first runner-up in the “Find A Dog For Sonny” Contest and received a gift certificate and a letter in the mail congratulating him. Additionally, he was also cast for a photoshoot for Wells Fargo bank promoting their new app just one and half months before he passed away at 15 1/2 years old. He is truly a legend, and there will never be another dog that replaces Fathom. Rest in Power, my big guy. You took a huge chunk of my heart with you.