Abby’s Throwing Clinic

An uncommon and comfortable presence on the set.

Cassie Kennedy, while an exquisite trainer, brings an uncommon and comfortable presence on the set. It shows in her work as her dogs are better trained than most actors I’ve ever worked with.

Paul Wilson


I learned a lot.

Cassie is very knowledgeable and courteous. I learned a lot and enjoyed the training. A huge lesson.

Vicky Smith


Cassie is the best!

Cassie is the best! Our dog Mojo loves it here ❤️ He’s doing AKC STAR puppy class now, and we plan to take many more classes with Cassie in the future!

Claire B


I recommend Ohana dog training to anybody!

Cassie helped me and zara tremendously!! Zara was leash aggressive and barrier aggressive and Cassie helped zara overcome all the things she was afraid of. Zara would pull me half way down the street on a leash, bark and lunge and any dog or person she saw and now I can walk past people and not feel embarrassed. 5 day board and train with Cassie was well worth it! I recommend Ohana dog training to anybody who ever needs help with their pet. Cassie is a life changer!

Alivia Matthe


Wonderful and friendly people!

Wonderful and friendly people. Our pup was one happy guy and enjoyed his stay here. He wasn’t cooped up all day. He was able to run, jump, and play with other dogs out in the open. His kennel offered him the freedom to stay in or go outside in his own area. Daily videos and pics were sent to us without us having to ask. We definitely will be repeat customers and would recommend to our family and friends. Thank you! Parents of Enzo the Goldendoodle

Joanne Killam


Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value.

Cassie at Ohana Dog Training helped my dog and I in so many ways. I loved my dog Stella but she was getting out of control. I knew I wasn’t doing something right with her but it seemed like nothing was working to help her get on the right track. I went to many sessions of dog training classes and even had a dog trainer come do sessions at my house to help train the both of us. But nothing was working. Stella still was slightly aggressive, would pull so hard on walks she would pull me down and would refuse to poop and pee outside and would go all over my house.

I had a coworker whose neighbors sent their dog Ohana Dog Training to work with Cassie for a week. She said her neighbors dog came back like a new dog and she got me the information. I figured it was worth a try because even though I loved Stella so much I was almost to the point of re-homing her because she was just too much. I scheduled a 7 day training for Stella where they focused on the things above. Cassie would send me videos throughout the week and I could not believe how well my dog was listening. When I went to pick her up Cassie even showed me how I could continue everything at home. Stella is truly like a new dog! She has not been aggressive, she rarely pulls on our walks anymore, and she has not gone to the bathroom in my house in the 4 weeks since she worked with Cassie. Sending Stella to Ohana Dog Training was truly the best decision I could have made because it has made life so much better for Stella and I! I can not recommend their services enough!

Carla Brunini


Thank you Cassie!

Cassie visited our school for a private show and it was so amazing! Our children really enjoyed and had a blast! She was so incredibly sweet and it is very clear that her dogs love her so much. They were so well-behaved and fun to watch! We hope to host them again in the future! Thank you Cassie, Stoke, Tiki, & Ren!

Christina Godette

School Director

Cassie is amazing!

Cassie is amazing! My puppy stayed with her for 10 nights for a board and train and she sent us video/picture updates everyday of his progress! After picking him up and bringing him home I can already see the difference. My husband and I will for sure come back for classes to continue❤️👏🏼

Elizabeth Moore



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