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Meet Tiki, an eleven year old spayed female Australian Red Border Collie. Tiki is now semi-retired from sports but has accomplished a lot in her career. She was a competitive agility and canine freestyle dog, and is a stand-in stunt dog for The Ohana Dog Show. She auditioned to be on America’s Got Talent in 2019. Tiki is a canine actor / dog model, and has been featured on episodes of “The Advocate”, HSN’s website, and a short film titled “Linda”!

In her younger years, she was also shown in both junior showmanship and in conformation. At eleven years young, Tiki still competes in Flying Disc for fun only, and enjoys performing tricks and earning her trick titles. I’m very thankful to have had Tiki to teach me everything that I know about Border Collies, and so very thankful to still have my best friend of eleven years by my side.

Tiki is still available for live shows and demonstrations, as well as one of our available canine actors. For more information and pricing, you can contact us regarding her.