Welcome to Ohana Dog Training, Plant City’s Family Board & Train Dog Training Facility

Having a dog in your family is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever be lucky enough to have! Your dog is a member of your family and they are capable of so much. Our dogs are capable excel at levels almost unimaginable but they too need to be shown what to do and we need to make it clear what, as members of our “pack” (so to speak), is expected of them. This is where the foundation of effective training comes in.

By giving our dogs a chance to learn we help to elevate each one to their true potential. At Ohana Dog Training, we offer basic training for your canine companion in the areas of basic obedience, agility, and even fun tricks. We offer a 5-day board and train program, as well as private training lessons to give you a more personalized experience.

Ohana Dog Training utilizes structured training methods that work for you and for your individual dog. Trainer Cassie Kennedy believes every dog has the potential to be trained if you just put in the time and effort to work with him or her.

Once we find what motivates your dog, whether it be praise, treats, or toys… training is made much easier and is much more fun for the dog, family, and trainer alike.

Training your dog and giving them the guidance and structure to be the best they can be is a very important part… possibly even the most important part, of being a responsible and caring parent to your pup.

We make it our highest priority to make sure your pup is comfortable during training sessions

“I imagine all trainers love dogs, but Cassie is different. She ‘gets’ dogs! Cassie has a sweet and calming presence that pups and owners immediately feel. Charlie, our husky / shepherd mix, was about 4 months old when we connected with her. I had several concerns and felt a little lost and overwhelmed. Seeing Cassie guide and connect with Charlie helped me relax. Charlie actually did what Cassie wanted her to do and I felt hopeful! Then, once I relaxed, I was able to learn how to best manage Charlie. Since that day, Cassie has often been a touchpoint for me. She is consistently kind and helpful, and her advice is spot on. I have confidently sent other dog owners who have felt lost and overwhelmed Cassie’s way!”

– Wendy, Charlie’s Mom

You may contact us about our dog training, or feel free to check out our prices and services.

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