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Welcome to Ohana Dog Training, Plant City’s Family & Stunt Dog Training Facility

Our dog Renegade was recently featured in a kids’ music video! Check it out by clicking play above.

Having a dog in your family is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever be lucky enough to have! Your dog is a member of your family and they are capable of so much. Our dogs are capable of exceling at levels almost unimaginable but they too need to be shown what to do and we need to make it clear what, as members of our “pack” (so to speak), is expected of them. This is where the foundation of effective training comes into play.

At Ohana Dog Training, we offer basic training for your canine companion in the areas of basic obedience, agility, and trick dog training. We utilize structured training methods that are tailored to work for you and for your individual dog. Our trainers believe every dog has the potential to be trained if you just put in the time and effort to work with him or her! We make it our highest priority to make sure your pup is comfortable and happy working at all times during training sessions. 

You may contact us about our dog training, or feel free to check out our prices and services.

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Here at Ohana Dog Training, we are also proud to offer dogs for animal acting and modeling jobs. We have a variety of pre-trained dogs, including collies and shepherds, that have received extensive training to work with others on set. Our dogs are trick-trained and also compete in a variety dog sports, and are available for disc, agility and trick dog demonstrations for both public and private events. Click here to view a page of our available dogs for demonstrations and acting.

Rates for our animal actors can be discussed by calling us directly at 813-344-2264. Continue scrolling below to view some of our affiliates!